Navid Shahneshin

Navid Shahneshin (born 1986, Tehran) is an Iranian designer, painter, illustrator and video artist. He graduated from the graphic arts department at Isfahan Fine Arts Academy in 2003, and graduated from the painting department from Tehran University of Art, 2010. Navid Shahneshin has a critical and humorous view of history and mythology and tries to present a different narrative of them in his works relying on his imagination. Emphasis on mythological approaches in a symbolic and narrative form and the use of line and color in an expressive manner are the characteristics of his works. So far, he has participated in numerous auctions and group exhibitions in Iran, Italy, the UAE and Poland, and he also has several solo exhibitions in his portfolio, among which are “The Third Mind: Jadel” in Takesh Gallery (2014), “Dio Sun” in Anown Gallery, Isfahan (2015), “Diovar” in Ebony Gallery, Shiraz (2022) and “Diovar-Divowarhol” in Imroz Gallery (2023).



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