Parisa Abbasi

Parisa Abbasi was born in 1986 in Ahwaz, Iran. She grew up in Isfahan. She is a painter. She has always been keen on art particularly painting. When she was a child she expressed her feelings through painting because she was not interested in talking to people. Therefore, she decided to study painting at school and continued her education at the university in 2007. During her education at university she was struggling with some personal issues. Sexual assault or sexual harshness are something that happens to one person, doesn’t matter who she/he is. The affection various from anxiety, fear, depression, guilt, low self esteem and dirtiness and many more. The inspiration of her artworks come from that fear and inner turmoil when she was abused. And painting helped her through that. She continued her studies in one of the subcategories of feminism, rape and sexual violence against women. She tried to represent the bitterness and pain of that topic. She wants to show the emotional pain after the rape and violence and mirror the inner turmoil women faced after being assaulted. She looks for effects of various activities on her body, soul and her surrounding as well. She puts an effort into picturing all sorts of pressure on women’s body and their souls, by means of painting. She wants her audience to feel the suffering.



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